Finally, a Machine that Folds Your Clothes for You!

folding clothesNo one can argue the fact that we live in a world of comfort and convenience. Instead of having to beat our clothes on rocks at the river to get them clean, we can simply throw them into a box and push a button. Cooking food takes minutes instead of hours with microwaves quickly replacing conventional ovens. Overall, just about any task that once required time and effort is now performed quickly and easily by a gadget or machine of one form or another.” If only they would make a machine to fold clothes” I hear you say? Well, guess what, they have! Finally, there is a machine that will fold your clothes for you!

Affectionately named ‘FoldiMate’, this new piece of heaven sent technology is about the size of a traditional washing machine or clothes drier. Able to stand on the floor or stack on another machine, the FoldiMate is a machine that uses robotics to carefully and neatly fold and stack an assortment of clothes. Just feed your clothes into the laundry machine looking unit and let it do its thing. Or rather, let it do your thing for you!

This technology is actually nothing new, however. Not only do such machines already exist, but they have been in use for many years. After all, those shirts that come neatly folded in plastic sleeves on the store shelves didn’t fold themselves. Nor did an underpaid, overworked person painstakingly fold it. Rather, a large, industrial sized machine with robotic technology folded that shirt, and countless others, before it was placed into the plastic and sent on its way. In a way, this is usually how technology finds its way into the home. Innovations for industry get downsized, and thus, made available for the average person.

One of the immediate drawbacks of new technology is the initial expense. It is estimated that the FoldiMate will cost about $850, which is a chunk of change for most people. However, there are a few things to consider before turning your back on this marvel of laziness. First, the FoldiMate is built to last. While the average washing machine or drier can last 10 years or more, the FoldiMate is virtually guaranteed to outlast even that. The main reason is that there is so little in terms of parts that can need repair or replacing.

Second, all new tech starts out more expensive. VCRs cost a month’s wages or more when they were first introduced. Now, however, you can pick up a run of the mill Blu-ray player for little more than a day’s wages, even if you work at a fast food joint. The same will apply to the FoldiMate. Once the tech is revised, and cheaper ways to produce the units are discovered, then the cost will doubtlessly go down.

Unfortunately, the FoldiMate is not yet available for purchase. The good news is that this will give you time to save up for one! Even though it may seem expensive, it will cost less than $80 per year over its lifetime, and that is a small price to pay for true, unhindered laziness!