Tips on Keeping Pests Under Control Without Using Harsh Chemicals

ants at home

Whether you live in the city or in the country, bugs and other pests can be a real problem in any home. While there are plenty of items available in stores to combat these creepy crawlies, most of them involve poisons and other harsh chemicals. Using such harsh products is never a good idea for any home with tiny beasties as they can cause serious health issues in pets and children alike. This article will present several tips on how to keep pests under control without having to use harsh chemicals or poisons.

Tip 1 – Always keep surfaces clean

Whether it is a counter top, a table, or the sink itself, any surface that is not kept clean will eventually attract bugs of one type or another. Thus, the first rule of thumb is to always keep all surfaces clean of dirt and debris. A wet cloth is all that it takes to remove any particles from a surface. Disinfecting cleaners will obviously protect against germs, but these aren’t necessary for simply repelling insects and other pests.

Tip 2 – Always keep floors clean

This is true for both carpeted floors as well as linoleum or wood floors. With any floor, always clean up any spill or mess right away. Leaving even the smallest amount of crumbs or debris will serve to attract pests, and once they are in they will be hard to remove. By cleaning any spills immediately you will significantly reduce the chances of insects coming into your home in the first place. Using a hand held vacuum for carpets is ideal, as this will guarantee a deep, thorough cleaning of any spill. A damp cloth is all that is needed for any non carpet surface.

Tip 3 – Use nature’s readymade defenses

Anyone who is familiar with gardening will know that certain plants can actually serve as a deterrent to certain animals and insects. Lavender is a natural protection from scorpions, while thyme and basil are good for keeping flies away. Not only can natural herbs create a barrier for pests, they can make any house smell fresh and fragrant as well. Additionally, most herbs are fairly easy to care for, and they will add an element of life and color to any décor.

Tip 4 – Call on your allies

We are not alone in disliking certain insects or other pests. The truth of the matter is that every insect or rodent has a natural enemy. Whilst it is old news that a cat will keep mice away, what isn’t commonly known is that certain bugs and birds will keep away unwanted insects. Thus, plant flowers and plants that attract the bugs and birds who will eat those undesired pests.

Final Words

It is true what the old sages used to say, that nature has a remedy for all things. Sometimes that remedy is preventative, such as keeping areas clean, and other times those remedies are more reactive. Either way, following the tips in this article will help you to keep pests at bay using natural solutions that are safe for your small beasties!